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Nahons is an international reputation risk management company that helps global corporations, local companies, and well-known figures in the business world protect their professional and public image and prevent future harm through the use of tools and methods from the world of intelligence and information warfare.

Shmuel Nahon heads the company, a veteran figure in the field of Information Warfare, especially in African and Latin American countries. The Israeli team includes intelligence and influence personnel, content creators in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin, graphic designers, journalists, and video experts.

The teams specialize in monitoring and analyzing diverse and complex information 24/7, submitting real-time operational conclusions, and operating high-profile, complex communications crises using an innovative intelligence-based methodology.

Our European teams specialize in diverse OSINT operations in various languages such as French, English, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian.

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During our years of operation, we have developed an influence methodology tailored explicitly to publicly traded companies which are suffering from defamation on a professional basis, intent to carry out a hostile takeover, short play or any other action that harms or may harm their business results and stock value.

The company is also involved in...

Dealing with damage to the reputation of a company or an individual

Real-time monitoring and analysis, with effective conclusions  

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Beyond reputation activities, NAHONS uses a powerful market entry strategy for brands in African and Latin American countries.

Our "white noise" methodology developed by us, includes complete control of social networks by overt and covert operational tools based on comprehensive intelligence research.

We make everyone in your field talk about you and your product on any social media platform such as WhatsApp, Reddit, Telegram, close forums, FB groups.



We come from different places - professional and experienced intelligence personnel, field personnel, journalists, designers, operations managers, and content personnel. And despite the difference, we have something in common that unites us all around it, curiosity.

We will not relax until we get all the answers we are looking for and until we understand exactly who or what is behind a particular event. More than that, we will do everything to find the most appropriate solutions to the challenge we face.

You can easily find yourself working for the wrong side in the intelligence field. Especially in the private and business sector, it is much easy to work for the offensive, destructive, and conflicting side.

We, the Israeli & Global teams, are united in wanting to work only for the “good guys” and use all the tools we own (and believe us, we have a crazy variety) to help the attacked site, who does not understand what he is facing.

Over the years, we have developed a detailed and formulated methodology, which allows us to assist any organization, private, commercial, public, or even an individual, to deal with scheduled and targeted attacks by an outside party.

We can locate the offending factor, the directed and activating factor, and even produce actions that, on the one hand, will hit them back and, on the other hand, will improve the reputation in the shortest possible time.

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Ethics in Intelligence?

Fortunately, we were privileged to get to know each other thanks to a unique figure, a well-known international lecturer in ethics, who recognized our desire to act according to better standards and ethics than is customary today.

We believe that we, too, who are wary of deviating from the rules of ethics, should be supervised to one degree or another by an outsider with appropriate security classification and the ability to understand complex situations. Therefore, in cases where extraordinary creative thinking is required, which may deviate from the usual rules of ethics, the issue is discussed within the Ethics Committee under its management and with the client’s approval.

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